Save Rock Music

“Save Rock Music” is a concept that was conjured up by the internet radio station Outside The Dial. Many people don’t realize that internet stations, whether it be radio or television, lack funding. Outside The Dial broadcasts through a website called Live365, which the contract they have with Live365 does NOT allow the station to advertise companies on the air. Advertisements are how radio and television stations make their money. The reason why Live365 has this contract with Outside The Dial and other stations, is because they insert their own advertisements (their own & other companies). “Save Rock Music” is designed so that fans and listeners of Outside The Dial can donate money to the station, and help keep the station running. There’s no minimum OR maximum amount that people can donate. So if you would like to contribute today, please do so. As of right now, the only way to make a donation is by mail. To find out where to send your donation(s), e-mail Dirty Ryan by going to the “Contact” section of this website.


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