This week’s episode of Dirty Ryan’s Anarchy Hour, which will be airing on Friday (03/28/14), will mark 2 years of the show hitting the airwaves. If you wanna call the show, the number is (312)613-3778. Be sure to do it by Wednesday evening, because the show is pre-recorded. And because the call-in line is a cellphone, you can text the show at this number as well. I am taking song requests if you wanna do that. – March 24, 2014
Chicago’s rock band The Circle View is scheduled to be on Dirty Ryan’s Anarchy Hour on September 27th, 2013. Their show appearance is in part of the release of their new album called “The Love Rebellion”, which will be released a week prior on September 20th. The Circle View is also scheduled for a Chicago performance on September 29th, 2013 at Reggie’s Rock House. – August 23, 2013
There is now a call-in line for Dirty Ryan’s radio show. Click on the “Dirty Ryan’s Anarchy Hour” page of this website for details. – February 18, 2013
Outside The Dial, the internet radio station Dirty Ryan works for, will be doing a concert in Chicago this coming summer. Check out the “Concerts/Tours” page of this website for the information. – January 30, 2013
As of last night, The Friday Night Mix has been cancelled. Radio Joe, who was Dirty Ryan’s co-host for the show, has some personal matter that he needs to attend to and he is unable to do the show because of this. – January 19, 2013
Starting next week, Dirty Ryan will be co-hosting a 2nd radio show on the internet radio station Outside The Dial. Check out the “Radio Shows” page on this website for more details. – November 15, 2012


President Barack Obama (Democrat) got re-elected yesterday. Even though President Barack Obama got 97 more “Electoral Votes” than Mitt Romney (Republican), the “Popular Votes” were close among the 2 candidates. According to the Fox News and CNN websites, President Barack Obama only received approximately 2.7 Million “Popular Votes” more than Mitt Romney. – November 07, 2012


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