When I listen to a lot of the bands today in age, most of them have 1 thing in common. They lack love and passion for music. We have all heard many songs that sound like they were written just to be written, without any feeling or effort put into it. Well Russian metal band Grenouer does not fall into this category, as you can plainly feel their music when listening to it. From start to finish, you’ll be in a world where nothing matters other than the gripping music of Grenouer. Hailing from Saint Petersburg in Russia, these guys will definitely go down in the books as a great band. They have a big following in their homeland, which I hope they expand their horizons into other countries especially America. I rate these guys 8 skulls out of 10!
For more information on Grenouer, follow this link:

-Dirty Ryan
*Written on January 20, 2014


I’m the kind of person who doesn’t venture much out of the punk and metal genres, but once in awhile I’ll hear something good that’ll catch my ear. Originally hailing from Turkey, Painted On Water combines Rock and Pop together to form a new sound that I can’t explain. As they have been living in Chicago for some time, their new EP entitled “Chicago Issue” is sure to be a success. I had the chance to meet band members Sertab Erener (singer) and Demir Demirkan (guitarist) at their release party for their new EP on November 14th, and it was truly a pleasure to meet them. As I spoke with them for a bit, they were telling me that they both have their own successful music careers back home. I hope that they captivate as much of the American audience as possible, because saying that Painted On Water’s music is good is an understatement. I rate them 7 skulls out of 10!
For more information on Painted On Water, follow this link:

-Dirty Ryan
*Written on November 22, 2013


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